The Evolution Centre is a New Reflexions independent, day, secondary school for young people with emotional and behavioural difficulties. Whilst New Reflexions provides an integrated service of care, education and therapy, the Evolution Centre also accepts students from other care companies, foster placements and from LEA’s.

We offer individually tailored educational programmes to meet each young person’s needs, combining academic study and accreditation; vocational learning; personal skills and outdoor education to suit each student. 

The school offers students a nurturing environment in which to grow, learn and develop. All of our staff are trained in Reflective Therapeutic Intervention to ensure a consistent approach to managing behaviour and this compliments a structured provision along with our high expectations and firm boundaries.


“Achieving personal growth through educational challenge and teamwork.”

Latest News

Congratulations Team Omega
13th March 2018

A huge 'well done' to team Omega for collecting the most house points last half term.  Points were awarded for wearing correct school uniform, arriving to school on time, being organised etc.  The prize for the winning team was an afternoon taking part in Laser Tag.  Laser tag is played in the same environment as paintball, but as the guns fire a totally safe Infra-Red beam you do not need any face protection. Students enjoyed an action packed afternoon and it was the perfect prize for team building.


The 'Hackestra' Project
8th February 2018

This half term some of our students have been working on a project at ‘The Hive.’  The project is called ‘Hackestra’ from the words hack and orchestra.  Hackestra is essentially about using everyday items in a different way to their intended purpose or that have been modified or to create music.  The sounds that these items create has then been recorded and manipulated on computer music software to create a unique piece of music.  The students have certainly come up with some interesting items to use.




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